Samples of knitting and crochet - download free guide for calculating the number of stitches

How many stitches do I need?

Free step by step guide for any knit or crochet project - How many stitches do I need?

You found a great looking stitch pattern. Or you want to use basic stitches for your next project:

Scarf, shawl, afghan, baby blanket, bag, hat, poncho, cushion, hairband,  etc.

But how many stitches will you need to start with?

Download this easy step by step guide! The same method works equally for crochet and for knitting.

What you get

  • The calculation formula
  • How to knit/crochet your stitch sample
  • 2 examples in different crochet stitches
  • 2 examples in different  knitting stitches
  • Close-up photos of examples
  • All examples both in centimetres and inches

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Guide for learning to calculate stitches for knitting and crochet